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How to beat the summer heat naturally : Healthly refresher drinks

How to beat the summer heat

These 5 easy-to-make healthy refreshers drinks will keep you hydrated when you need to cool off

It’s that time of the year when stepping out even for a few minutes is punishing—you come back dripping with sweat, craving something cool to quench your thirst. Be it aam panna or thandai or a glass of cold coffee, a refreshing beverage can get you back on your feet almost immediately. And if you are pressed for time or too tired to make them from scratch, you can stock up on instant versions too.



Concentrated fruit juice or syrups are a quick and easy option that is both flavourful and energy boosting. Add a spoonful or two of the syrup to cold water or chilled milk and you are done. And there are plenty of flavours to choose from: orange, lemon, pineapple, rose—the list is endless.



Made with raw green mangoes, aam panna is a delicious and nutritious old favourite. Other than helping you fight dehydration, this sweet and tangy drink is packed with vitamins B1 , B2 and C, as well as essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. You can stock ready-to-drink bottles or use an instant aam panna mix to make yourself a quick refreshing drink any time of the day.



While you may associate thandai with Holi, this drink is a super-nutritious cooler that’s perfect for a hot day too. Literally meaning ‘cold’, thandai is prepared using a mixture of almonds, pepper, rose petals, cardamom, vetiver seeds, saffron, milk, fennel seeds and sugar.



High in water content and packed with vitamins and minerals, coconut water should be your go-to drink before you step out on a hot day or right after you are back indoors. It instantly replenishes fluids lost through sweat without adding many calories. This also makes it the ideal post-workout drink. Coconut water is also great for your skin.



Many tea enthusiasts prefer switching to the iced version of this perennial favourite during the hot months. Brew yourself a cuppa using flavoured tea leaves or go for an instant mix. Icedtea mixes are made by drying the tea leaves and then powdering them. You can make a strong or a mild cold brew based on your preference.



Switch over from your regular mug of cappuccino to a tall, frothy glass of cold coffee. Besides making it the traditional way, you can also keep a few packs of cold-brew mix in your kitchen—all you need to do is add milk and ice and your chilled beverage is ready.